Hi there! I’m Flavia, and I am the person that designs and creates every single piece you see on this site. 

I’m a designer, a metalsmith, a wife and a mom. It didn't start that way. Believe it or not, I actually went to med school for over 2 years before I realized that I wanted to be a jewelry designer and metalsmith. Yep, it took a while. So, skip a couple of years, and I moved from Brazil to Arizona to study Arts with a concentration in Metals at the Herberger School of Fine Arts at ASU. Shortly after graduating I worked for another designer, but that wasn't fulfilling my dream of designing my own pieces. With the birth of my son, I started focusing on my own designs. Now with 2 kids (a boy and a girl) that thankfully go to school (well, kind of ...thanks pandemic!), and a very supportive husband (thanks Keeper!), I am growing my artistic jewelry vision into what it is now. It is a never ending process, as my ideas are always evolving, just how I like it!


Vision. I know most people think tropical and colorful when they think of Brazil, but that is so far from what my jewelry is. I want to show people that Brazil is much more than that. I am inspired by the very clean and minimalist lines of modern architecture, and I actually based several pieces on bridges around the world and in the architectural work of modernist Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer.

I love talking about my work and about Brazil. Well, let's be honest, I love talking! So, if you ever see me at an art show, or want to chat, reach out!