Hi there! I’m Flavia, and I am the person that designs and creates every single piece you see on this site. 

I’m a designer, a metalsmith, a wife and a mom. It didn't start that way. Believe it or not, I actually went to med school for over 2 years before I realized that I wanted to be a jewelry designer and metalsmith. Yep, it took a while. So, skip a couple of years, and I moved from Brazil to Arizona to study Arts with a concentration in Metals at the Herberger School of Fine Arts at ASU. Shortly after graduating I worked for another designer, but that wasn't fulfilling my dream of designing my own pieces. With the birth of my son, I started focusing on my own designs. Now with 2 kids (a boy and a girl) that thankfully go to school, and a very supportive husband (thanks Keeper!), I am growing my artistic jewelry vision into what it is now. It is a never ending process, as my ideas are always evolving, just how I like it!

Vision. I know most people think tropical and colorful when they think of Brazil, but that is so far from what my jewelry is. I want to show people that Brazil is much more than that. I am inspired by the very clean and minimalist lines of modern architecture, and I actually based several pieces on bridges around the world and in the architectural work of modernist Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer.


Sustainability. We live in a world where everything seems to be disposable, but I believe jewelry should last several lifetimes. Both in style and quality. I want to make pieces that will be with you through all the stages of your life, that you can cherish and use daily. I want my art to be as conscious as possible. The metal I use is recycled and I recycle all scraps (including dust!). I use stones sparingly to diminish mining impact, and when I do use stones, I make sure they are certified conflict-free and responsibly mined. 

Shipping plays a big role in sustainability. We try to minimize the use of plastic in our packaging and to use packaging that can be reused by you (make sure to save it to keep your jewelry safe on trips!). We also offset all carbon emissions from domestic shipping.


I love talking about my work and about Brazil. Well, let's be honest, I love talking! So, if you ever see me at an art show, or want to chat, reach out!